Our Suppliers/ Partners

Doing Business with Odyssey/ Yes Our Goal is to be the Best

 Odyssey has a responsibility to our customers to maintain the highest quality supply chain which meets all established product performance standards and expectations. We maintain our high standards by continuously evaluating the performance of our established suppliers.

Odyssey will evaluate supplier performance by these factors;
- The quality of product or services provided based on the agreed upon specifications.
- Compliance with all contractual terms, agreements and conditions.
- Ability to meet or exceed delivery schedule expectations.
- Response time to information requests or problem solutions.
- Warranty adherence.
- Cooperation and speed in resolving any issues.

We value transparency and predictability in our suppliers. We understand our customers’ needs and give them top priority, and expect our suppliers to do the same. Odyssey seeks win-win situations and is committed to long lasting business relationships. We expect our supply chain partners and their sub tier suppliers to adhere to the following labor standards; freely chosen employment, no child labor, fair working hours, wages and benefits. Any deviations from this will result in immediate termination from our supply base. Odyssey reserves the right to audit any of our suppliers without notice.

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